Cosmology and Particle Physics

SUSY Model Building for a 125 GeV Higgs

by Dr. Moritz McGarrie (University of Warsaw)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014 from to (Europe/Warsaw)
at Faculty of Physics ( 1.40 )
Pasteura 5
In the context of the MSSM the recently discovered Higgs boson predicts either multi-TeV scale stops or a multi-TeV scale At-term and these are not easily accommodated either from aesthetic grounds (naturalness), pragmatically (potential to be discovered at the LHC) nor in practice (from the conventional approaches to supersymmetry breaking and UV physics).In this talk I will present 3 interesting approaches to these puzzles: I will discuss their pros and cons and how they may be extended. In the 1st approach the tree-level Higgs mass is lifted through non-decoupling D-terms, allowing for sub-TeV stops/At-term. I will discuss how such an enhancement can be tested at the LHC and ILC through Higgs branching ratios. In the 2nd, we look at generating a large At-term through "power-law” RGEs which arise from an extra dimension, allowing for sub-TeV stops. The 3rd approach is to combine flavour with supersymmetry breaking, to generate light stops and still be consistent with the LHC exclusions on 1st and 2nd generations squarks.