from 28 November 2016 to 3 December 2016 (Europe/Warsaw)
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Scientific Programme


The topics covered at the DISCRETE series of conferences are: T, C, P, CP symmetries; accidental symmetries (B, L conservation); CPT symmetry, decoherence and entangled states, Lorentz symmetry breaking (phenomenology and current bounds); neutrino mass and mixing; implications for cosmology and astroparticle physics, dark matter searches; experimental prospects at LHC, new facilities.

  • [1] T, C, P, CP and CPT symmetries
    conveners: Antonio Di Domenico (email) and Andrzej Kupsc (email)
  • [2] Emergence of symmetries from entanglement
    conveners: Antonio Di Domenico (email) and Andrzej Kupsc (email)
  • [3] Discrete symmetries in cosmology (dark matter, baryogenesis, leptogenesis, etc)
    convener: Roberto Ruiz de Austri Bazan (email)
  • [4] Neutrino masses, mixing and discrete symmetries
    convener: Magdalena Posiadala-Zezula (email)
  • [5] Discrete symmetries and models of flavour mixing
    convener: Margarida (Gui) Rebelo (email)
  • [6] Role of symmetries beyond the Standard Model
    convener: Zygmunt Lalak (email)
  • [7] Strings, branes, extra dimensions and discrete symmetries
    conveners: Tomasz Taylor (email) and Apostolos Pilaftsis (email)
  • [8] New results from LHC, new facilities
    convener: Rui Santos (email)