19-23 June 2023
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
Europe/Warsaw timezone
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Singularity analysis


Location: Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
Address: Pasteura 5, Warsaw
Room: Lecture hall: 0.06
Date: 22 Jun 09:15 - 10:45

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Since its introduction, the method of full deautonomisation by singularity confinement has proved a strikingly effective way of detecting the dynamical degrees of birational mappings of the plane. This method is based on a conjectured link between two a priori unrelated notions: firstly the dynamical degree of the mapping and secondly the evolution of parameters required for its singularity struc ... More
Presented by Dr. Alexander STOKES on 22/06/2023 at 07:45
We discuss singularity analysis and bilinear integrability of four Bogoyavlensky differential-difference equations. Three of them are completely integrable and the fourth is, to our knowledge, a new one. Blending the singularity confinement with Painlevé property reveals strictly confining and anticonfining (weakly confining) singularity pat- terns. The strictly confining patterns are useful ... More
Presented by Dr. Adrian Stefan CARSTEA on 22/06/2023 at 08:15
Although the notion of singularity confinement was first introduced for the discrete KdV (dKdV) equation, as of yet there is still no rigorous definition of the notion of `confinement' for lattice equations. In fact, somewhat ironically, it has taken nearly 30 years before an exhaustive study of the singularities of the dKdV equation finally revealed their intriguing properties and the full richne ... More
Presented by Prof. Ralph WILLOX on 22/06/2023 at 07:15
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