19-23 June 2023
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
Europe/Warsaw timezone
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Yang-Baxter and tetrahedron equations


Location: Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
Address: Pasteura 5, Warsaw
Room: Lecture hall: 0.06
Date: 19 Jun 11:30 - 13:00

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I will present certain birational maps that are solutions of the parametric entwining Yang-Baxter equation. These maps are obtained via the refactorisation problem of certain Darboux transformations associated with the Lax operators of certain soliton PDEs. I will also present various dynamical properties of the derived maps, such as existence of invariants and associated symplectic or Poisson ... More
Presented by Dr. Georgios PAPAMIKOS on 19/06/2023 at 10:00
I will discuss a connection between the tetrahedron equation for maps and the consistency property of integrable discrete equations on $\mathbb{Z}^3$. The connection is based on the invariants of symmetry groups of the lattice equations, generalizing a method developed in the context of Yang-Baxter maps. The method will be demonstrated to certain octahedron type lattice equations, leading to ... More
Presented by Dr. Anastasios TONGAS on 19/06/2023 at 09:30
The talk will discuss the emergence of factorised solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation in terms of transposition operators acting in q-difference (differential) representations of the algebra Uq(sln) (U(sln)), respectively. I will focus on the q-deformed case, where all but one of the transposition operators are constructed explicitly and the proof of a crucial symmetric group relation introduces ... More
Presented by Mr. Benjamin MORRIS on 19/06/2023 at 10:30
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