19-23 June 2023
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
Europe/Warsaw timezone
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Continued fractions and integrability


Location: Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
Address: Pasteura 5, Warsaw
Room: Lecture hall: 0.06
Date: 23 Jun 09:15 - 10:45

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It has been known for some years that there are deep connections between continued fractions and integrable systems: one of the earliest examples appears in Moser's work on solutions of the finite Kac-van Moerbeke (or Volterra) lattice, but there are many other examples e.g. in recurrence coefficients for orthogonal polynomials arising in random matrix theory, which satisfy (discrete and continuou ... More
Presented by Prof. Andrew HONE on 23/06/2023 at 07:15
It is well known that the rational (or Padé) approximants are closely related with the discrete-time Toda equation. The structural connection with orthogonal polynomials provides a link between the theory of integrable systems and various classical results of applied mathematics and numerical analysis. Inspired by recent advances on symmetry and integrability of difference equations I would like ... More
Presented by Prof. Adam DOLIWA on 23/06/2023 at 07:45
A TCD map is a map from a triple crossing diagrams to projective space, satisfying an incidence requirement. We introduce dynamics on TCD maps based on Menelaus theorem and show multi-dimensionally consistency with Desargues theorem. To each TCD map we associate a hierarchy of dimer models, which provides local and global invariants. Conveniently, TCD maps include as special cases a large number ... More
Presented by Mr. Niklas AFFOLTER on 23/06/2023 at 08:15
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