13-16 September 2023
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics
Europe/Warsaw timezone
The conference "Scalars 2023" will be held in Warsaw in September 2023. The meeting is organized jointly by the Division for Physics of Fundamental Interactions of the Polish Physical Society and the Candela Foundation. The meeting will take place at the Faculty of Physics (OCHOTA Campus) at the University of Warsaw, an official patron of the event.

The meeting will start with the registration on September 13th (Wednesday) in the morning (8-9 am) followed by an opening at 8:50 am. The conference "Scalars 2023" is a continuation of earlier "Scalars" organized in Warsaw in 2011, 20132015, 2017 and 2019. The goal of the meeting is to provide an opportunity to discuss various aspects of physics of scalar particles. In particular we plan to cover the following issues:
  • SM Higgs boson: theory and experiment,
  • Extensions of the minimal scalar sector of the Standard Model, e.g. multi Higgs-dublet models, doublet-singlet models, the Georgi-Machacek model, ...,
  • Experimental constraints on possible scalar sectors,
  • Effective field theory in Higgs physics,
  • Scalars in cosmology: dark matter, baryogenesis, phase transitions, inflatons, axions, relaxions, etc.,
  • Scale-invariant scalar sectors,
  • Composite Higgs bosons,
  • Elementary scalars within extra dimensions: gauge-Higgs unification, stabilization of extra  dimensions, radions, bulk scalars, etc.,
  • Fundamental scalars within supersymmetric extensions of the SM,
  • Future experimental searches for scalars, e.g. at LHC, FCC or ILC.

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Starts 13 Sep 2023 08:00
Ends 16 Sep 2023 18:00
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics
Pasteura 5 Street, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland