22-26 May 2023
Biological and Chemical Research Centre
Europe/Warsaw timezone

WiFi connection

In the conference venue, participants will have access both to the eduroam network and dedicated conference WIFI networks. Access credentials will be provided during the registration.

Quiet Work Room

We understand that participating in such a large event can sometimes be overwhelming, and you may need a quiet space to catch up on work. Therefore, we have designated Room 0.36 in the conference venue as a Quiet Work Room. Please make use of this dedicated space, but kindly maintain a relative quietness and respect for other participants. Loud conversations and listening to music without headphones are not allowed.

Face masks

While wearing face masks is not obligatory according to legal requirements, we highly encourage individuals who feel more secure to wear them. Face masks will be available at the registration point for your convenience. Let's maintain an atmosphere of understanding and respect towards fellow participants who choose to wear masks for their own safety.

Medical support

Your well-being and safety are our top priorities throughout the conference. Professional medical staff will be present on-site to provide immediate assistance and support. If you require medical help, feel unwell, or experience any discomfort, please do not hesitate to reach out to them. They can be easily identified by their distinctive uniforms.

Guidelines for presenters

  1. Please upload a copy of your presentation to the local computer in advance (deadline is the break before your session) and check if it runs properly. In case you need a pendrive – you may borrow one from the technical support team present in each conference room.
  2. To secure a smooth implementation of the conference's agenda, you will not be able to use your own computer. We are sorry for the inconvenience and grateful for your understanding.
  3. Please use the on-ear microphone that will be available in the conference room. Handheld microphones will be used by the chairs and technical support only.
  4. The conference computer will be equipped with the following software: Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Reader DC, Apple Keynote. However, we strongly encourage everybody to use the safest format - PDF.
  5. The recommended aspect ratio of slides is 16:9. If you plan to present any audio as part of your presentation, please let us know in advance.
  6. Technical staff will be present in the lecture room. That person will be able to provide support and answer your questions.

What is the duration for parallel presentations?

We have allocated 20 min time slots for parallel presentations. Please note that this time slots included Q&A session. Therefore, we recommned that the presentation should last up to 15 min.

Warsaw sightseeing

Apart from the conference, Warsaw offers a rich cultural experience. It is a vibrant metropolis, known for its unique architectural blend of old and new. To discover more about Warsaw and recommended sightseeing spots, please visit the webpage of Official Tourist Website of Warsaw or take advantage of materials that we provided in the conference welcome package.